Dr. Luigi J. Maselli

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Luigi J. Maselli currently is the President of the Mediterranean Society of Lifestyle Medicine (MSLM), the Vice-President of the European Lifestyle Medicine Council, the Honorary President of the Albanian Lifestyle Medicine Association and of the Monegasque Association de Lifestyle Medicine, a member of the Board of Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, a member of Council of Directors of the True Health Initiative.

Dr. Maselli was awarded of Distinguished Doctor Prize at San Raffaele University of Rome in honor of his significant contribution to Lifestyle Medicine in Italy in 2015 and of Medicine and Nutrition Prize in 2016 in the city of Latina (Italy).

He received a MD degree, a MSc in Behavioral Neurosciences, a MPhil in Neuroimmunology and various post-graduation certifications and he has developed his academic career in some of the best medical school in the world such as NYU, Harvard, Stanford, Sapienza, Peking, UCSF, MIT, University of Chicago, University of Parma, FCBarcã Universitas. Dr. Maselli is active in researching, speaking, teaching, patient’s care and he wrote the first Italian and book on Lifestyle Medicine. After establishing his connection with the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where he fell in love with Lifestyle Medicine, he established Lifestyle Medicine programs in several Italian universities (Rome, Chieti-Pescara, Bari).

His overwhelming enthusiasm for life and propensity for helping others reflect the values that make Lifestyle Medicine unique for the treatment and prevention of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.