Dr. Nazan Artun

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Dr. Nazan Artun is a board-certified Leadership and Career Coach specializing in helping professionals working in healthcare, bio-pharma, and academia. She holds a doctoral degree in Biotechnology with a focus on Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine. As a healthcare professional, she has a wealth of experiences, from establishing hospital pharmacy departments to working in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research, and academia. She helps professionals and leaders in Pharma and Healthcare improve their executive performance, tap into their creativity, overcome imposter syndrome, gain clarity on their goals, communicate genuinely and confidently, and navigate office dynamics—not just to advance themselves personally, but to create healthier and more compassionate work environments with less staff turnover and burnout. To fulfill her imaginative and creative side, Nazan turned to the arts and dedicated another considerable part of her life to pursue a parallel career in music. As a multi-award-winning songwriter, performer, and founder of the Neotolia Fusion Jazz Band, she has released three award-winning music albums and toured the United States, Canada, Turkey, and the Netherlands. She has published numerous scientific and perspective articles in Thrive Global, Pharmacy Times, and Institute of Coaching/McLean, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and academic Journals.

Find out more about Dr. Nazan Artun at www.drartun.com