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After completing my undergraduate studies in Sociology and Communications, I was a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg for 10 years. After obtaining my D Litt. et.Phil, I worked for multinational Oil and Gas companies headquartered in  Africa, The Netherlands and Malaysia for 30 years. My focus was Environmental Management and the incorporation of Sustainable Development aspects in projects such as gas-gathering pipelines, construction of LNG and re-gas plants, and open-cast mining, as well as the operation of refineries, and terminals). I retired early and live in Cape Town.

In order to launch my 3rd career, I returned to the humanities, and completed a course in coaching at the University of Cape Town in 2020. By chance course coincided with a very strict COVID-19 lockdown. I am currently working to fulfill the requirements of the Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (U-ACT)  to be a Peer Recovery coach.

My career, early exposure to travel in Africa with my parents, having been an exchange student, as well as my natural curiosity, have taken me to 53 countries.

Having worked in mostly male-dominated companies, my aim is now to support and guide women regarding work and life issues, focussing on Resilience, Change (empty-nest, retrenchment, aging, etc.) as well as Grief and Substance use disorders.