Erin Whitehead, MBA

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At the end of 2015 I did a cannonball off the high dive. I quit my 20-year career in business and drove home jobless with no plan.

I took the next 6-7 months to dive deeper and "soul search"; that journey you hear so many people talk about when they've hit a serious road block in life. At the end of that time I didn't have any new realizations. Rather, I decided to face the biggest fear that continued to hold me back in life. The fear that kept me from becoming an entrepreneur and putting my own ideas out into the world. The fear that kept me hidden in the dark for so many years... the fear of embarrassment. 

I found an ICF MCC Executive Coach and got to work on reframing my self limiting beliefs over the next two years. That experience changed my life and my purpose. I decided to go through the proper certification channels and become an executive coach myself and help others rewire their thought patterns in order to feel like they're winning over and over again. I now coach surgeons who want to double down on their ambition, through the power of neuroscience. And it feels amazing to be part of something bigger than myself.

MY PURPOSE: I exist to help people feel valued in a world that places everyone and everything else first, through the power of throat punch motivation.