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A bit about me. I have been involved in counseling and life coaching for over 24 years. For two decades I worked with a major educational institution initially in a counseling role and then in mentoring and coaching. This led me to begin my own practice which for the last while has been dedicated to working with men and for the most part this is done remotely. My academic background is degrees in Psychology, Spirituality and certification in Life Coaching and am a member with the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Harvard University.

In my practice, Phoenix Life Coaching Canada, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  I work with men exclusively to achieve their personal and business goals. Together we partner with clients in a non-judgemental way, developing positive practices, habits, routines and methods to achieve success. I approach situations in a resourceful and focused professional way with strong decision-making and organizational skills. My experience has helped me be skilled in accompanying clients in issues such as career development, emotional health, decision making, spiritual development, health and wellbeing, and positive living. 

What is our Coaching Like? They are Online video sessions for an individual. The frequency will vary and be tailored to your specific situation, your needs, comfort level, and finances.

My practice is about working with men who feel "stuck". In your career, in your personal life, in your relationships? The men who reach out to us want family life comfortable, work successful, life enjoyable, their days less stressful. Yes it is possible, and its not a "magic bean" or just "mindset", .... but a tried and true set of tools - that "Make it So"

Phoenix Life Coaching Canada specializes in coaching for men with one focus : to help you get "unstuck" and successfully achieve your goals personally and professionally .

We are about life and leadership coaching for men with the objective to take you to the "next level" of success. 

Our approach is designed for men - practical, hands on, and based on your strengths - - geared toward actions and solutions.

My clients range from business men, sports and industry individuals, fellow coaches, education leaders and labourers. A small portion are also post secondary students whom I work with (on a reduced rate) as they seek to take the next steps of life. I see my work as setting my clients (whatever stage of life) up for success. I have been blessed to always have in my life mentors and coaches who have done that for me, and I want to leave that legacy also in the lives of others.

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