Isabel Poensgen

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The core of my engagements are about developing leaders from good to great. In my experience, working with top leaders requires a sparring partner who is able to bring a profound second opinion. Often enough, this requires input on top of non-directive coaching.

My current Coaching focuses on working with top executives when they lead their organizations through digital or agile transformations at scale. Having supported various agile@scale transformations in the past year and being a certified scrum master, I combine deep understanding of agile with experienced C-suite coaching.

Organizations I worked with in the past include leading European banks who transformed into agile organizations, as well as large energy/utilities providers and others. More generic coaching was done for various DAX 30 comapnies, the World Economic Forum and for Authentic Leadership Institute/Harvard Business School.

As Lead Coach for BCG I also train and support our Sr. Advisor Executive coaches.