Janet Ladd

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Janet Ladd is a Certified Professional Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with over 25 years of experience in business, technology, human resources and consulting. With a passion for helping individuals and organizations flourish, Janet provides individual and corporate coaching, consulting, and educational services to develop talent, support organizational and individual change, and improve personal and business performance.
Janet holds a Master of Science Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and is a graduate of Newfield Network, one of the most highly regarded accredited coach training institutes in the world.  Additionally, she has attended certified coach training in applied positive psychology through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Coursera and in Energy Leadership through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 

In addition to her development work with leaders, Janet facilitates teambuilding and staff coaching sessions to support enhanced employee engagement and performance.  As part of her current work with one of the world’s premier teaching hospitals, Janet is involved in ongoing research in the areas of positive psychology and neuroscience as it relates to and aligns staff engagement with patient experience and outcomes.  She balances her corporate work with teaching as an adjunct faculty member at a local college and with individual coaching clients who seek change in their personal and professional lives.   
Certified in a number of assessment instruments, Janet is able to utilize the following tools to support client awareness, insight and goal-clarification:  Extended-DiSC, Campbell Leadership Index (CLI), and Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP).
Prior to starting her own coaching/consulting practice, Bounce-Forward Consulting Group (www.Bounce-Forward.com), Janet was Vice President of a leading human resource technology consulting firm for over 10 years, overseeing not only the firm’s HR function but a number of the organization’s most successful practice groups. Additional prior positions include Director of HR for a Maryland-based IT firm, Manager of Corporate HR and Compensation for a national homebuilding/financial services firm, and Systems Consultant with an international management consulting firm.