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Janeta Tansey, MD PhD - Principal and CEO at Virtue Medicine - is an ethicist, psychiatrist and consultant in the area of leadership/executive coaching, with a specialty focus on the helping fields of health care, higher education, and spirituality/religion. She is board-certified in Psychiatry (ABPN), a Fellow with the American Psychiatric Association, and a Fulbright Specialist (2021-2025). Her clinics are informed by her advanced training in mind-body medicine, existential analysis and meaning-centered interventions; she is a Diplomate Clinician and Teaching Faculty in the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy and completed board-certification in Integrative Medicine. Her organizational consulting and executive coaching practice at Virtue Medicine focuses on equipping leaders to explore where behavioral and attitudinal freedom, responsibility, virtue and deep meaningfulness can thrive within the life-enhancing tensions of professional growth and the pursuit of excellence. Dr. Tansey is energized and active in higher education, currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Iowa, with ongoing teaching, supervision, scholarship, and collaborations in the interdisciplinary areas of ethics and moral philosophy, diversity and disability studies, and faculty wellness and professionalism.