Janice Caillet

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Corentus, Inc.  |  Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst
Janice is a catalyst for potential -- assisting individuals, teams, organizations and communities in turning on and realizing their greatness.

For over twenty years, Janice Caillet has empowered individuals, teams and organizations to realize their fullest potential.  Janice wears several hats with her clients: coach, mentor, advisor and consultant.  The combination of these different approaches creates a clearer and more attainable pathway for her clients to live their purpose and realize their potential.  In essence, Janice co-creates a powerful reality with her clients by having them see their own potential, envision what can be possible, take the steps necessary to get there – and once there, make the most of it. 

Janice believes one of the core foundations of success is based upon the realization of one’s life purpose – an articulation of what one loves doing that brings value to others. Utilizing several methodologies she developed, individuals, teams and organizations alike can articulate their purpose statement in a clear way that can be communicated to others and utilized as guiding light for themselves.  Janice incorporates four other core foundations into her coaching that were derived from work by Marie Jahoda, a British social psychologist, who developed the theory of ‘Ideal Mental Health.’  Jahoda identified five categories vital to feelings of well-being: time structure, social contact, social identity, regular activity (and of course) collective effort and purpose.

Janice’s experience extends around the globe, across cultures and across industries.  She has lived and coached in international environments such as France, UK, New York and Boston, working also virtually with individuals and organizations around the world.  Cross-cultural understanding is one of Janice’s focus areas including not only cross-racial but also cross-religious, socio-economic, education and other similar differential barriers we have created for ourselves that separate us from the other.  She has also developed and coached leaders and organizations in a variety of industries from aerospace, technology and telecommunications to education, international non-profits and social enterprise.

She is known as a thought leader in entrepreneurship, social enterprise and startup ecosystems as she has led roundtables, produced conferences, consulted and coached leaders in these areas for over 20 years.  She is also a serial entrepreneur having cofounded seven companies:

- Corentus, CoFounder & Chief Catalyst
- iSTARTUP, revitalizing individuals, organizations and communities
- Flockd, a tabletop tool to increase in-person connections and productivity
- SPARC Teams, revitalizing the under and unemployed in the UK
- Send Word Now, a leading global emergency response system, sold to Veritas
- Coaching Circles, a coaching referral service
- Total New York, sold to Digital City; sold Digital City to AOL
  remained at AOL for two additional years

Janice delivers workshops and is a frequent speaker in areas of entrepreneurship as well as areas of personal and professional development at client organizations and in educational institutions such as Brandeis University, Harvard University, Hult Business School, Babson College and many others. Janice lives with her husband (full disclosure:  Alexander Caillet, CEO of Corentus) and their daughters in Boston, Massachusetts.