Jelena Kaplan

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As an ICF accredited leadership and performance coach I’ve utilized my previous experience at the corporate level.  Early on as an executive search consultant and a consultant looking for certain qualities in individuals and guiding them through their own blind spots and then later working in HR corporate departments managing top MBA’s schools, navigating their students careers across various geographic locations and guiding the employees to better themselves were pivotal pointers in steering me into direction of coaching.

From early steps working for the UN and Forefront to my experience in the UK and Europe working with diverse international clients in the US, Europe and the Middle East at Expedia and Trip Advisor, I have paved a path of equipping numerous individuals within societies corporate, entrepreneurial and familial structures with the tools to achieve their highest potential.

As a graduate of some of the top coaching and leadership schools including Coach Training Institute, Center for Right Relationship and Corporate CoachU coupled with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the UK I am passionate about empowering individuals to help them achieve their highest potential personally and professionally.