Jelena Kaplan

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My clients come from all walks of life and are based all over the world.  I am a founder of DisruptU, a leadership and performance consultancy and coaching business, where I’m living my dream of working with an incredible group of people and corporations after spending 15 years of diverse corporate life ranging from working at the United Nations to management consultancy/recruiting to human resources.  My passion for education inspired me to develop a social emotional program for parents which I've been rolling out across New York tri-state private and public schools. 

I moved to NYC eight years ago after living in London for 23 years. Given my unique accent, which reflects the multiple languages and dialects I speak and have been exposed to, people frequently ask me where I’m from. My signature response is "from Belgrade (where I was born) and London (which significantly shaped who I am today).” The core of who I am is the result of the perfect storm of being raised in Serbia, educated in the UK, and having an insatiable hunger for the different people, cultures and histories across the globe.   

That hunger drove me to my love for traveling, with Brazil capturing a little piece of my heart.  In fact, I’ve been spending significant time there for the last 20 years.  I even own a home there!  Traveling also feeds into my love for food and wine and has led me to explore unknown pockets of the world.

I am the proud mum of two amazing boys and a wife to an incredible man who push me every day beyond my boundaries, to be a better, stronger person. I hold a BA in International Relations, and MA in Marketing and Public Relations, certifications in coaching and leadership with Coaching Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship as well as Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University.