Jennifer Long

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 I am co-founder of Management: Possible® and work relentlessly to figure out better and more effective ways for people to get stuff done. I am a second-generation business owner in corporate training and large-scale coaching and development. I am a Certified Master Coach and trainer focused on delivering highly compelling, totally personalized management, leadership and team skills training and coaching. I coach daily;  hundreds of hours a year, working with professionals and executives to become more effective in their job roles, better team players, stronger visionaries, managers that people love to work with – just better versions of themselves

A little background: While becoming a full-time training developer and coaching industry pioneer, I also directed theater giving me an edge when it comes to team skills, communication skills, professional presentation and collaboration capabilities. I can improvise and comes to the table with a “yes, and…” mindset.

I have developed a ground-up, proven coaching methodology that has been used inside multiple corporations internationally. I have written and contributed articles to industry trade publications, managed global marketing efforts as well as public relations. I have also lead design and production of technology-based learning solutions and web sites.

My continued focus is to challenge a learner’s thinking to compel and inspire action, behavior change, and substantial, measurable improvement in the way managers, leaders and teams perform on the job.