Jennifer Ryan

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Jenny Ryan

Professional Business Consultant
Performance and Marketing Coach Certified Resilience Practitioner
Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Technique


For the past 25 years, Jenny has served as a volunteer for many organizations in her various positions and currently works with business owners, investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and  professional athletes by serving as their trusted advisor, professional and personal consultant, coach, quarterback, and cheerleader. she is dedicated to helping Professionals and decision making executives in companies of all sizes, from start up to internationally recognized brands embrace, implement and manage effective change.  ​

Her clients engage her to assist with their professional development and in a variety areas of their businesses, including but not limited to: Personal and Business Branding, Marketing & Business Development Coaching/ Training, Team Building Activities & Event Planning, Strategic Partnerships, and Project Management.​

She is also the creator of MINDAGILITY™, a personal and business consulting platform designed to help successful, business-minded people control their focus, measure results and reach their goals in a shorter amount of time by giving them: the tools, resources, feedback and encouragement that they need while providing a cadence of accountability which she helps makes happen by, “Getting people excited about what they can control.”​​

Jenny has always had a passion for helping people and a keen eye for business.  Her coursework at Rutgers included business and psychology. She is a certified resilience practitioner and performance coach specializing in business, marketing, mindset, and well-being, the core of her practice area is based primarily on Cognitive Behavioral Technique.