Jessica Pryce-Jones

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Jessica founded and co-runs iOpener. The reason she is joint CEO is that she also loves being in a room with senior executives and leaders who face tough challenges or need external support.

She knows that it's not just the break-throughs that matter in this work; it's also getting the nitty-gritty right. That can come from asking difficult questions and making astute observations both of which may be easier for an outsider. Or it can come from doing something unexpected and changing direction completely. And that relies on a clear process, great communication and deep trust all of which she strives to develop.

Her clients include multinationals in creative, education, health, manufacturing, financial services, publishing and engineering industries as well as the public and not-for-profit sectors. And her style is warm, energetic, fast-paced and supportive yet challenging when necessary.

With two publications under her belt, 'Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital For Success' (2010) and 'Meetings and Workshops for Dummies' (2014), she is writing her third, 'Positive Leadership', which will be published in 2017. Jessica is a frequent media commentator appearing both on radio and TV. Finally she is an advisor to the RNLI and The Art Room, a charity that helps troubled children before they are excluded from school. She lives in London with her family.