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Member of The Boss Whispering Institute (2015). March, 2018,  Certified Practitioner Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership Assessment.     June, 2019 Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certificate.    June, 2019 Marshall Goldsmith Team Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certificate. As a Certified Professional Coach she specializes in working with individuals facing challenges in their careers, decision making and self-development. As a highly-trained listener, Jo Ann embraces a model of empathy, trust and honesty in client interactions. Her gift is in enabling her clients to tap into their own personal strengths, form mantras that spark achievement and advancement, and give them freedom to operate within their own core of central beliefs. Bound by a rock-solid ethic, and grounded in spirituality, Jo Ann brings a wealth of corporate experience to her coaching practice. "In coaching," explains Jo Ann, "the pronoun 'we' is powerful because the work is a true partnership. Without that mutual trust, the client cannot drive outcomes."