Joanna Kaniewska

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As a certified coach and a talent development expert, Joanna specializes in effective personal and organizational change. In her coaching, she adopts an evidence-based approach and supports individuals to maximize their potential and increase confidence to achieve their career goals.

With the use of psychometric tools, Joanna helps people to gain a better understanding of both individual behavior and team dynamics. Joanna is a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and uses this to help teams understand each other better, communicate mindfully, build greater trust and develop more effective business relationships.

She is actively involved in designing and facilitating leadership programs such as 'WELead', 'ENLP (European Nutrition Leadership Platform)' and 'Whole Mind Leadership' and coaching skills programs including 'Leader as a Coach' and 'Coaching for Managers'.

In her work, she combines her background in science and international experience gained in various sectors from academia, industry, and NGOs.