John Ainley

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Chair and Partner at The Alexander Partnership

John’s deep experience of working at the very top of global companies, combined with his extensive coaching skills and experience, have made him a highly sought-after coach for CEOs, boards and leadership teams.

His 30 year commercial career encompasses numerous C-suite roles across engineering, retail and financial services, as well as  seats on the executive committees of WH Smith PLC, Norwich Union PLC and Aviva PLC. Additionally John has sat on boards at INSEAD business school and CIPD, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and has acted as a Non Executive Director for several companies in the healthcare and finance industries.

The depth and breadth of his experience, have given John a deep-rooted understanding of the commercial context in which leaders operate, a clear grasp of the responsibilities they shoulder and crucially the gravitas, to command their respect.

John’s coaching style is always perceptive, insightful and plain speaking yet mindful and is appreciated in an environment where often objective and honest opinion are scarce - one of the reasons why his client relationships are deep and enduring. 

Above all, John helps leaders to grow, stretch their vision and push their boundaries. He is greatly skilled at enabling individuals and leadership teams craft strategies that deliver change and real business results with agility, pace resilience and consistency.

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