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No matter Julie's client's industry, backstory, or entry point into coaching the challenge always comes back to why they haven’t achieved the success they desire. It’s baffling because they’ve gone above and beyond the status quo for so long. Now they’re looking for ways to:

  • deal with overwhelm, lack of energy, and burnout;
  • find stress management strategies;
  • create work/life balance through time management and organization;
  • do something with more purpose and impact in the world;
  • build the confidence to share their voice and/or command a room;
  • establish real career and personal goals; and
  • understand the larger vision and path to get there.

Usually after the first session or two, clients realize they’ve been following someone else’s agenda. The overwhelm, stress, lack of balance all point toward a tension they’ve always sensed, but could never put words to. That’s where Julie's certification, training, and experience play a large role in the work we do together. Tools like Positive Intelligence (PQ) and the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment give a language for clients to understand their lack of clarity and a framework to support creating a new path forward.

Let’s step back real quick to understand Julie's background. What's her most impactful credential? What sets the stage for immediate trust and credibility? She was her ideal client. She was the high-achiever, loved by all key stakeholders, and looked amazing on paper. And, she was completely burned out and unsatisfied.

So, her journey paired with her foundational credentials all play a large role in her coaching style including strategic approaches, frameworks, and techniques. As well, Julie's professional experience as a business-to-business marketer, communicator, and new business developer provides her clients a very unique perspective of the internal and external messages we receive.

She's been in the thick of it. And is honored to have used these same measures to break through the rules and false messages. It's a process. And it works!

Prior to coaching, Julie spent 14 years as a BtoB marketer in both the corporate and agency settings. Most recently, she was the Healthcare Portfolio Marketing Manager at Huron Consulting Group driving repeatable, predictable demand. Prior to Huron, Julie was the Associate New Business Director for Upshot, a Chicago-based integrated marketing agency, where she ran inbound new business opportunities and drove the execution of RFPs, POVs, pitches, and everything in between. In 2012, she took a quick break from the agency world to further hone her business marketing skills at BMO Harris Commercial Bank. She managed the strategic marketing, budgeting, and execution for eight lines of business targeting the middle market. Prior to that she “marketed the marketing agency” as Upshot’s Senior Communications Manager and spent the first four years of my career in Analytics and Account Management at the research firm, Mintel International.

Julie earned her B.B.A. in Marketing/Management from Northwood University, received her M.B.A. in Management/Strategy at Loyola Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, earned her coaching certification from the accredited Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), as well as her ACC from the International Coaching Federation. On days of rest you can find Julie with her husband boating, skiing, or cooking up a new dish with her husband Erik and pupdog Charlie.