Kelli Hendrickson

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Dr. Kelli Hendrickson is a Career and Leadership Coach helping professionals in STEM fields live their dream careers. Kelli’s path to coaching began when she realized how much she enjoyed her role as a mentor and advisor while working at MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Research Engineer, and began her coaching journey in 2019. She earned her Associate Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation in 2020 and now works with people with STEM backgrounds to create career pathways that they enjoy.

Kelli is also President and Founder of Pathmakers Coaching, as well as President of the ICF Raleigh Area Chapter while holding dual engineering research positions at MIT and UNC-Chapel Hill. As a coach, Kelli partners with clients to help them identify the careers they would like to have instead of simply the ones that are expected of them. She works closely with her clients to create the right mindset and action steps to pursue their dreams and bring them to life. Bringing coaching and the coaching mindset into the professional development space for engineering graduate students, Kelli created and currently leads the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Coaching program at MIT.

Pulling from this experience Kelli has spearheaded the formation of the Women in Fluids (WIF) Stories Initiative. WIF Stories serves as a platform for women with advanced degrees who work in the field of fluid dynamics to share (a) their career journeys and mentor other women on similar career paths and (b) their love of fluid dynamics with young adult girls who are interested in STEM fields and want to know how to be fluid dynamicists.