Kirsten Blakemore

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Kirsten is a Senior Principal and Leadership Coach with Korn Ferry.  She devotes her time to coaching leaders at a high-profile tech company.  Her expertise is working with leaders to identify and overcome their self-imposed limitations thus enabling them to realize their goals.

As a massive equity champion, Kirsten has created both Diversity and Inclusion as well as women in business strategy, metrics and solutions for clients. She is well versed on the impact limited thinking has on company culture and has mentored expansion of thought and shares those principles through various outlets. She is a published author on topics such as company culture, failure, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and women in business.  These publications can be found on Forbes, and LinkedIn.  She has written a chapter in the bestselling book, Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories and published her book empowering women called Unleash Your Power and most recently The Intentional Leader which equips new people leaders with critical soft skills.  

As one who strongly values education and ongoing learning, Kirsten holds many credentials and degrees.  She has a CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute, ICF accredited PCC and is a certified Health & Wellness Coach along with her Bachelor’s in Business, a Master's in Psychology.