Leigh Saner

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Leigh Saner is an Integrative Health Coach who works with individuals who are looking to make sustainable change in their life that allows them to live the life they've always imagined. Leigh believes that we are the experts of our own life, but it is important to have people in our corner to remind us of that. Four years ago, Leigh decided to take control of her health and wellness and create habits that promoted not only healthier eating and physical activity, but strategies that addressed a whole health approach to wellness. 

As the owner of Define YOU, an Integrative Health Coaching Business, Leigh can help you navigate the path towards achieving goals most important to you. 

Leigh has worked with several different organizations and supported several companies to promote public health and steps to healthier wellbeing. Through Leigh's personal experience and passion for helping others achieve a sense of personal empowerment and confidence, she has propelled forward by putting passion into action. 

Leigh graduated from Gettysburg College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social & Behavioral Influences on Health and then went on to receive her Master's Degree in Public Health from the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. Leigh also recently completed Duke Integrative Medicine's Integrative Health Coach Training Program Foundation Course and continues to immerse herself in continuing education related to her field.