Leslie Stratta

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I am a mission, vision, values and purpose driven HR Executive and Leadership Coach with an extensive background in aligning culture and people with business strategy to achieve extraordinary results.  I have a strong track record of establishing effective relationships at all levels within an organization and leading organizations through accelerated growth and rapid change.  Award winning achievement of transforming high performing teams to deliver world class business results.

Because I'm passionate about professional and personal growth and development, I coach individuals and groups to allow them the opportunity to tap into their talents and remove limiting beliefs that can sometimes keep them from realizing their full potential.  "True success lies not in just being yourself, nor doing the best you can, but knowing the two are the same" - Bruce D Schneider

I am devoted to my volunteer work in the community and being of service to others. I'm always interested in hearing from and collaborating with HR and Coaching professionals about ways to serve our professional community.  I am  also a patient advocate for women's health, specifically chronic and rare autoimmune diseases.