Lisa Dempsey

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Lisa holds a Degree in Systems Psychology and is a Professional Certified Coach with qualifications in Leadership, Co-Active, Neuroscience of Coaching, and Neuroscience of Relational Trauma* 

She has more than 20 years experience in International People Strategy & Change Management and delivers strategic change through the power of people in complex matrix international organizations across more than 130 different countries. 

Lisa’s passion is amplifying people's strengths and helping organizations advance through 21st century leadership paradigms that empower individuals and teams to deliver long term, positive, impact in our VUCA world.

Next to coaching, Lisa frequently speaks at international conferences and delivers interactive webinars & workshops on a variety of topics including: The Future of Leadership, Organizational Culture, Talent Mobility, Why Inclusion the Secret to Innovation, and the Neuroscience of Leadership. 

Lisa is honored to have received the Deloitte BOLD Leader award for her work in visionary leadership. She brings her work to life on a daily basis through her plural roles as the CEO of Leadership Labs; Executive Board Member of She Dares, Go Laadli, Glimpse; and Co-Host of the People Impact Podcast.

As a coach Lisa has worked with the likes of Google, Ebay, Atlassian, Oracle, Nike, Philips, OSCE, DP World, BBC, Oxfam, Cornell University, Erasmus University and many more. Her coaching style has been described as: grounded, authentic, courageous, holistic, inspiring, and the embodiment of connected, compassionate, and effective leadership.

Next to people, Lisa is also passionate about animals and you will often find her enjoying a walk with her dogs in the forest or on the beach near her home. 

*Certified PCC, CPCC, CNTC, CRTC Coach


What clients say about working with her:

“Working with Lisa has made a big impact on me. With her guidance, I have been able to recognize and identify some behavioral and thought patterns. Subsequently, I was able to make a plan of action to confront and change those behaviors. With Lisa's coaching, I have noticed some real, positive changes in myself”

“Lisa has extraordinary understanding of the "other" and seeks to clarify what is important to her clients. Thereby enhancing the individual's own capacity for success" 

“Lisa is an inspiring and connected leader with amazing vision and foresight. I am proud to know her and work with her as my coach.” 

“Lisa is a brilliant leader, coach and consultant. She provides a very much needed holistic and authentic perspective on leadership.”

“Lisa has a big, broad vision for the future and is constantly inspiring others to take bold steps towards a better world” 

“Lisa helped me find the strength to stand in my own power, bathe in my own light. After our session, I was able to make a powerful choice based on my own truth and open a door I had been afraid to walk through.”

“Lisa is very optimistic; she radiates belief in possibility and made me believe in it, too, as a client”