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Liz Dean is an innovation strategist and certified executive coach who has the distinct honor of embarking on growth journeys with spirited entrepreneurs, visionary CEOs and inspiring leaders —united by a shared pursuit of propelling people and businesses to unprecedented heights.

As a devoted mother, wife and coach, Liz has always believed that true success should not compromise one's values and well-being. Rather, success is a journey of continuous growth and increased positive impact.

With over two decades of experience in business growth and leadership, Liz generously shares her expertise with others, empowering them to pursue their aspirations, take decisive action and achieve resounding success. Through innovative leadership, high-performing teams and winning strategies her clients have attained remarkable revenue growth, creative business solutions and personal and professional growth. When leaders and teams thrive, businesses flourish. Therefore, her approach is more than a business strategy; it's a way of life designed to drive positive, sustainable growth and fulfillment.  Liz leaves an indelible positive impact wherever she goes.

Before founding LDean Coaching, Liz had an outstanding 20-year tenure at Riverwood Healthcare Center in MN, where she led business development and innovation with a human-centric approach. During her time there, the organization achieved a remarkable 350% surge in net revenue, introduced innovative service lines, constructed a new hospital, multiple clinics and pharmacies, and was distinguished as one of the leading rural hospitals in the U.S. for several years. Hailed as a pioneer for healthcare innovation by the American Hospital Association, Liz also represented 25 of the country’s top healthcare innovative leaders and helped lead Canadian digital health companies with market expansion into the U.S.

Earlier in her career, Liz successfully led policy and community development for Aitkin County Public Health in her role as manager of community health. She also served five years as ISD #4 School Board Director, supporting onboarding new leadership, a multi-million dollar expansion project and creating a future-ready strategic plan.

Aside from two decades in leadership and business development, Liz brings an impressive list of credentials to her business. She holds Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Community Health degrees along with certifications as an International Coaching Federation Business and Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Stakeholder Center Coach, Squadify Team Coach and Innovation 90 Coach. Dean is a fellow of the prestigious Institute of Coaching and holds certifications in IDEO Business Innovation, Mental Health Literacy, Strategy Management and Harvard Disruptive Strategy.

With an unwavering passion for her clients, Liz loves empowering leaders, teams and businesses to attain meaningful and impactful success - which she calls JOYFUL GROWTH!