Lizzie Azzolino

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Lizzie Azzolino is the founder of Until Now, a coaching practice that supports leaders, teams and organizations to create energy that fuels powerful transitions. Lizzie’s degree in journalism serves as the foundation for a career that has spanned public relations, brand strategy, design and innovation consulting, startup advising, leadership development, coaching and facilitation. She draws from a broad toolbox to approach each partnership with a fresh perspective. She believes stories are the most powerful tool for unlocking change, inspiring new possibilities and creating shared understanding. Her practice includes story coaching, leadership coaching, transition coaching and team coaching. 

Lizzie is fiercely committed to continued learning about craft and self, and is humbled when she is able to support others in finding a similar passion for personal and professional growth and unfoldment. She believes deeply that when things change inside of you, things change around you.

Lizzie is a certified individual and team coach and a graduate of New Ventures West, where she currently works as an adjunct faculty member to support student coaches on their own paths toward professional coaching. She also holds coaching certifications from The School of Integral Unfoldment and Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and is trained in leadership embodiment, reiki, meditation and systemic coaching. She is currently studying David Drake's The ID Way, an approach to working in the moment with groups to allow their own capacity for learning and change to unfold without set agendas.

Lizzie is a Co-Founder of the San Francisco chapter of Women in Innovation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in innovation, where she now serves on the Advisory Board. She actively supports women's leadership and mental health missions. Her personal passions include yoga, poetry, nature, energy work and conversations with strangers.