Maggie Lawlor

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My approach to coaching is to help people learn who they are at their core, and how to relate, work, live and grow from this place. I help people understand what their unique contribution is to the whole, what their impact is on others, and how to work with both to maximise personal fulfillment, contribution to the team and to the wider collective. I enable people to step into a wider systemic perspective and to understand they have an impact on the systems they are part of, and the impact these systems may be having on them.

As a coach I help people build awareness, expand their thinking, step out of themselves to gain perspective, develop listening skills, develop a true client focus, express who they are and what they bring to the table - vital for an integrated, fulfilling and productive life. As a team coach I assist the team to truly harness its full potential and to self-manage that shift in a productive and sustainable way.