Maiten Panella

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Psychologist, Psychotherapist and EMCC Senior Practitioner. Executive Coach and Consultant.

Board Member of EMCC Spain (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and Head of Accreditations.
Director of Leadership Development at Alta Capacidad. (Spain)
Head of Executive Coaching and Development at Diverse Mental Health. (UK)
Premier Executive Coach at BetterUp. (International)
Associate Trainer at Wellity. (UK)


Member of EMCC Global Centre for Excellence - CPD Continuous Professional Development.
Member of APA - American Psychology Association.

For more than 30 years, she has been working alongside employees of international companies such as Google, Microsoft, American Express, Visa, Roche, Ipsen, Accenture, Edwards, Mars, Avanade, Ciena, Yara, BP, The Bank of New York Mellon, Warner Discovery, AT&T, Mercedes Benz, Barilla, etc. 

Maiten has a master's degree in Gestalt and has sought studies in Neuroscience, CBT, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Intelligence, and Vertical Leadership Development, among others. She is also a TEST MOTOR expert (by Alta Capacidad). Alongside Beatriz Valderrama, she is the co-creator of a new framework that connects Vertical Leadership Development with MOTOR, allowing leaders to be prepared to face the challenges of our VUCA world with a new, evolved mindset. 

Currently, she is undertaking a course in Interpersonal Neurobiology by Dan Siegel (Mindsight Institute) and the Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programme by David Clutterbuck, led by Craig McKenzie & Evija Vascenko

As an entrepreneur, she founded HUMA3, a Society for Arts and Culture in Venice, Italy, in 2005, following her studies and passion for art history and good knowledge of the art world scene.

Maiten was raised in a multicultural family and has lived and worked on three continents. She coaches in English, Italian and Spanish; she is also familiar with French and Portuguese.