Marcel THOM

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Marcel has also been working as an executive coach for many years and has numerous international certifications. In this area, his focus has been on individual leadership and personal development as well as team dynamics (especially C-level executives/boards) and organizational change management.

Marcel has 20+ years of international consulting experience (e.g., with the Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, and Deloitte). The primary focus of his work has been on aspects related to strategy, transformation, restructuring, digitalization, and leadership in financial institutions (especially insurance companies) and the healthcare industry.

Over the years, Marcel has held various national and international leadership roles and has founded and managed several start-ups in different industries and with varying business purposes.

He is also involved in a large number of social activities on a voluntary basis, for example, as a lecturer, mentor and coach. In his private life, he is interested in motor and endurance sports and topics related to nutrition, mental health and biohacking.