Margie Hartley

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Margie is a highly experienced and successful executive coach,  facilitator, author, podcaster and speaker. She leads Gram Consulting Group, an independent coaching and facilitation community. For over sixteen yeas she and her associates have been working with positive change for  teams and individuals through facilitation and executive coaching. Margie also heads up Coaching Consulting international with Dr Anthony Grant, Professor of the Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney University. Together they partner with organizations to develop Cultures of Quality Conversations through the Third Generation of Workplace Coaching Leadership.  Winner of the 2016 Australian Psychological Society Workplace Excellence Awards for Coaching and Leadership.

Published articles

Grant,A.M.Hartley, M.s (2013) Developing the leader as Coach. Coaching International Journal of Theory and Practice (2) 102-115

Grant, A.M Hartley M.S (2014) Exploring the Impact of particiaption in a LEader as Coach program usigng the Personal Case Study Approach. The Coaching Psychologist 10 (2) 51-58