Michael Brandenburg

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I am coach for leadership teams, senior executives und sparring partner for general management and board members. My clients are national and global companies from the sectors Automobile, Education, Energy, Financal Services, High-tech, Life-Science, Retail, Telecom and transport.

My clients value the unique combination of 32 years as senior manager and leader in industry, consulting and education and a high qualification as executive coach with 21 years’ experience and over 2.500 coaching sessions.

I focus my work on transition coaching for senior executives on their way towards general management and the C-suite and the coaching of leadership teams in situations of disruptive changes where my deep experience as Global Business Transformation Manager can be useful for my role as sparring partner.

I help my clients in the identification and expansion of their leadership strengths, re-priorization of their activities, development of their own effective leadership style and the creation of high performance teams. A specialty is the development of power-networkers.

The results of my coaching work always are observable improvement of business and personal performance. It is my passion to help good leaders to human and entrepreneurial excellence. I will be happy to connect you to my clients for references. 

I have started my qualification as executive coach at the Capgemini University, deepened it at IESE Business School, certified it with ICF and keep developing it at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.  My transformations-oriented work style is based on the cognitive – behavioral school of psychiatry and the competence models of Prof. Ed Schein and Prof. Pablo Cardona.

My management career started 1994 at RWE in Germany, evolved to division head at Volkswagen SEAT after my IESE MBA and to vice-president level at Capgemini. 2006 I started as director of custom programs at IESE where I developed towards full time executive coaching. I work worldwide in English, German and Spanish.

Since 1987 I live in Barcelona. I am married since 30 years and have two daughters. My free time is dedicated to family, friends, community work, tennis and motorbike tours.