Miu Che

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Miu graduated from the English department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With study experience in Japan, Miu joined a Japanese MNC supplier upon graduation, developing new business accounts in Greater China and South East Asia. Her capability in bridging Chinese and Japanese culture contributed significantly on building relationship with several Chinese enterprises. Following her enthusiasm in developing people, Miu also served in a top MBA program in Hong Kong, recruiting international prospective leaders and supporting them reaching their career goals in Asia. The number of prospects reached in the region achieved remarkable new heights during her tenure. Her exponential out-reach in Asia Pacific invigorated her passion of capitalizing her strengths in the region.



With the multilingual capabilities as well as sensitivity at different cultures, Miu is a multi-lingual business coach (Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Japanese) based in Hong Kong with strong enthusiasm in building and realizing leaders’ visions across various regions. Her belief on life-time learning essentiality enables her to partner with leaders to see beyond their limits and keep on making new endeavors. Miu also makes use of her effective organizing skills and is managing various cross-regions coaching projects.