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Mollie Eliasof, LCSW is a Couples Psychotherapist for Top Performing Professionals in NYC/CA/Globally, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Founder of ME Therapy NYC. Mollie specializes in helping high-powered professionals achieve long term success in their personal lives. She has worked with individuals — including government leaders, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, media personalities and many others who are seeking improved intimacy and communication in their romantic relationships and marriages through a tailored therapeutic approach.

Mollie also caters to such successful individuals with executive coaching services, aiming to elevate their performance through improved communication skills and clarity around vision. Mollie continues to expand her reach through speaking events and upcoming digital courses.

ME Therapy NYC ​is a private psychotherapy practice offering expert individual, couples and family counseling. The team of dedicated professionals has a deep focus to help their clients  create deeper connections and improve their relationships. ​Specialties include relationship and communication issues, stress management, and intimacy challenges.

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