Mutiat Adebowale

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Mutiat Adebowale is an International Leadership Coach, Transforming Frustrated Middle Bank Managers into Empowered, Inspired and Fearless Leaders.  Mutiat, the Creator of the Fearless Leadership Academy and a Motivational Speaker who has won awards internationally for her work in leadership development, through her speaking engagements, trainings and leadership coaching, helps women (as well as men) to develop their leadership skills as well as build their confidence and own their voice so that they can lead with influence, integrity and clarity.

Mutiat delivers powerful leadership solutions that transform her clients into empowered, inspired and fearless leader. Through her coaching programs, she offers insight and strategies designed to help Corporate women launch their careers and take the next step on their leadership journey.

She works with high-achieving female professionals who are ready for advancement but frustrated because they lack the skills and confidence, to build their own personal brands within the organisation and excel in their leadership roles.

As a dynamic international leadership coach and the author of ‘Transformational Leadership: Why your Business Needs it!’, published internationally, her professional focus is on solving leadership challenges for female professionals and executives. She has over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry as a leadership coach. Her expertise lies in developing leaders and high potentials.