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For 40 years, I produced and directed non fiction content for HBO, NBC, PBS, CNN, CBS and Bravo television networks. In 2019 I became an IPEC master certified life/executive coach and created Steiner Coaching Solutions ( where I coach adults from all over the world, including a class at the Harvard Business School of entrepreneurs, their professor--and women's' groups. As for my film making career, I am currently still at it, a little, working for the Kunhardt Film Foundation as we create the largest online Interview Archive in the world, consisting of 45 documentary feature-length films, and all of the interviews that went into making them. We are additionally, interviewing people not in those films, but who we feel have wisdom to offer our audience, in what we are caliing, "The Wisdom Exchange." Suddenly I am interviewing people all over the place-for the archive--and within my coaching practice.