Noushin Bayat

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Dr. Noushin Bayat is the founder of Engaging Wisdom, Inc., a consultancy organization that provides coaching and organization development services in operations, change management, and leadership development. She supports executives/teams to engage clear thinking, psychological agility, and presence to collaborate effectively and deliver emergent innovative solutions within complex agile environments. Dr. Bayat is apprenticing with master coach and consultant, Rohini Ross, and continuing to deepen her awareness of how the Three Principles understanding of mind, consciousness and thought impact literally everything! She has worked on change initiatives requiring the design of training and leadership development programs, scaling and operationalizing coaching deployment and developing agile solutions within agile product development environments. She has a BS in computer science and communications, masters in public health and spiritual psychology, and a doctorate in organizational leadership, with advanced training in coaching, yoga, and meditation. You can sign up to receive her newsletters and blogs at or email her at [email protected].