Pamela Nemecek

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Pamela Nemecek is a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate dedicated to cultivating scientific foundation and best practices in coaching.

She holds a credential in Healthcare Continuing Professional Development (CHCP) to design and deliver re-licensure activities for physicians, advance practice providers and other health professionals.

As a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP), she is recognized as leader who influences the systems, processes, and behaviors that cultivate positive experiences across the continuum of care.

Through her alliance with the Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) and Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) she maintains rigorous standards of research and best practices in training patient-provider interaction through direct coaching, simulation and immersive learning.

She is the Director of PRN Consulting, a team of experienced communication professionals who support patient-provider interaction at medical schools, hospitals, clinics and private practice. 

Pamela Nemecek currently does private coaching with physicians and leadership at 31 hospitals and clinics in California, speaks at national conferences, and presents communication programs for educators at medical schools across the U.S. and Europe.

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