Patricia H. Marino~ PHD / NBCT / CEC

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As Communicator, Consultant, and Coach, Patricia H. Marino remains passionate to bear influence and facilitate learning among leaders and entities who value her expertise and experience. Her masters in Speech Communications Behavior and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership/Systems, Patricia also retains National Board Certified Teacher status. More recently, she gone on to achieve Evocative Coaching certification as well as become a national trainer.. Since 2010, she has enjoyed ICPA affiliation as a fellow, where she has come to prefer its invitation-only leadership forums alongside other senior coaches.

Patricia’s engagement as leadership and life coach evolved from more than 20 years of teaching, coaching and/or mentoring experienced and pre-service educators in upstate New York. Since, her clientele has broadened to include school administrators, independent business owners, rising C-suite management, lay community leaders, executive and corporate level women, international missions ventures, and international teacher delegations.

As a personal, professional, and curriculum development consultant, Patricia brings a wealth of skill and experience beyond the classroom to other organizational learning contexts. Among independent and collaborative curriculum projects to her credit are Process P.O.W.E.R., Aerobic Writing, and Literacy Learning Leaders (independent), and Big Apple-Seeds of Liberty, Museum Madness, and Our Stories/Our Selves (collaborative).

A “re-fired” urban educator, Dr. Marino is the Founding Principal of PATHMARK INNOVATIONS LLC, where she still works as an excellence driven leadership/life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. Her doctoral research examines the use of coaching to improve teaching practices. Her avocational writing and directing yielded a historical play and multi-media production, The North Star. As well, she authored Touch Me, a collection featuring some of her original inspirational prose and verse.

Patricia enjoys working with and sharing her uniquely rich legacy of cultural inspiration. With powerful oratory and dramatic style, her rendering of real life stories has become part of her brand. It explains her dub as Artist of the Story, Grande. In sum, this IOC senior coach and masterful communicator continues to enjoy coaching leaders and artistic engagement across generations and cultures.


National Board Certified Teacher

Certified Evocative Coaching - Center for School Transformation

National Trainer - Center for Teaching Effectiveness 

Books / Publications:

Touch Me - Inspirational Prose & Verse

Coaching to Improve Teaching Practices

Success Is Close at Hand for 21st Century Educators

Earthen Vessel: Poetry, Prose & Verse