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Peter Brack is a seasoned executive coach and dynamic leader with a proven track record in building and leading successful organizations. As a founder/CEO himself, he has firsthand experience in the unique challenges and opportunities faced by high-achieving leaders. Peter founded and led two companies from inception through to their Initial Public Offerings. Additionally, his background includes venture capital investing where he has worked with hundreds of founders and teams. Peter also has an extensive corporate history, holding senior roles at Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting. In these roles, he oversaw billion-dollar P&L responsibilities across various international markets.


Peter's coaching philosophy is grounded in empathy and understanding the individual experiences of each of his clients. Rather than offering generic advice, he actively listens to leaders to provide real-world guidance on a wide range of issues, from organizational productivity to co-founder dynamics, building management structures, personal relationship challenges, board management, and more. 


With a focus on fostering meaningful personal and professional growth, Peter specializes in:


- Co-founder issues and dynamics

- Building management systems and processes

- Architecting effective management

- Managing interpersonal and personal relationship challenges

- Overcoming imposter syndrome

- Board constructions and reconstructions

- Investor relationships

- Management team transitions and shakeups

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Exits, including IPOs

- Working with female founders


Having identified coaching as his zone of genius, Peter is committed to building a thriving practice centered around the highest caliber of clients. With ambitions to become one of the best C-suite coaches in the industry, Peter works with a curated group of high-achieving leaders from both public and private companies. He is very selective about who he coaches. He aims to maintain a high standard of coaching excellence while providing personalized support to each client.


In addition to his coaching practice, Peter has been a co-founder and managing partner of an early-stage venture capital firm and startup studio, Hypothesis Studio. Prior to founding Hypothesis, Peter held prominent positions at Mucker Capital, where he helped build and support a portfolio of over 200 companies. His entrepreneurial experience includes taking two companies public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, giving him firsthand knowledge of the challenges and successes that come with leadership positions.


Throughout his career, Peter has lived, worked, and studied in five countries. Embracing a global perspective, Peter has learned valuable lessons from his diverse experiences and varied successes and failures. Leveraging this expertise, he offers high-achieving leaders the practical guidance and support necessary for their journey toward building and leading exceptional companies.


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