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Hello, I'm Rachael, a certified executive coach, change agent, facilitator, professional stand-comic, mother to three grown humans and lifelong learner. My coaching practice is informed by a 30+ career in higher education, business, engagement strategy, the performing arts and as a sought-after master of ceremonies.
I believe in whole person-ness, self-authoring, and leadership starts with personal mastery and I am dedicated to supporting clients in discovering their whole selves through a holistic approach to supporting clients in gaining clarity and a deeper understanding of their true selves and creating goals rooted in wants, needs, strengths, and values. Focusing on transformative, balanced, sustainable goals, and every bit as magical and unique as their source.

My coaching philosophy is a holistic approach to coaching the whole person to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of their true selves for creating goals rooted in wants, needs, strengths and values that are transformative, balanced, sustainable and every bit as magical and unique as their source. I bring deep listening, soulful connection, informed knowledge, sage wisdom, creativity, humour, and a lot of personality to the coaching space. To create a coaching space that is safe and energized with positivity, setting the stage to go deep, challenge beliefs, and create fresh perspectives helps clients realize their brilliance and get tactical about stepping into their magic, empowered to design and build the life they want.
Originally from Vancouver, BC, CA. Rachael currently lives in Zürich Switzerland with her husband.

Hobbies: Working with my hands, learning, being outdoors, cooking, Flâneur(ism)

Education: Bachelors in Business Admin, Certificate in Change Management, Certified Executive Coach, Certificate in Advancing Leadership, Fundamentals of Adult Education, Curriculum Design.

Credentials: Team Lead, College Instructor, Community/Stakeholder Engagement, Business Development, Facilitation, Strategy and Planning

Hobbies: Working with my hands, learning, being outdoors, cooking, Flâneur(ism)

Curious Coaching Parallel: I was a professional stand-up comic for 10 + years, and there is something very similar to the deep connection that happens with an audience to connecting in the coaching space. I'm working on defining this, but it's there in the flow state. Maybe because a lot of jokes are flipping perspective on a negative, we're spinning straw into comedy gold as a group. The coaching space is a space for coachees to flip the narrative on their negative perceptions - I had a client stuck on their rigidity. When they came up with this power of strength this rigidity had, it was a tool, not a hindrance, if they could use it appropriately.