Raina Willick

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Raina Willick guides self-employed and freelance Entrepreneurs to create more flow and fun in their work by cutting through their Shiny Object Syndrome and organizing the focus of their businesses around their Personal "Jedi Code" of values. Her goal is always to turn the internal clarity coaching brings into external action plans her clients can use to make their business a better place for them to work.   

She is a Co-Active trained coach, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Raina uses the neuroscience-based Positive Intelligence framework to help clients make lasting changes by building mental fitness, purposeful productivity, fulfilling focus, and most importantly, a happy entrepreneur life!

Raina has a deep understanding of when to dive in and when to turn away, like when she left a religious cult at age 18; when she signed up for a triathlon without knowing how to swim; when she first enrolled in, then dropped out of, pastry school; and when she left a 17-year career as a critical care nurse to turn her talent for community organizing into a service building community growth and facilitating masterminds for entrepreneurs.

Raina grew up unschooled. She claims she will never have time for all the books on her list and has seen every episode of The Office and Schitt’s Creek more than once. She is mother to one human child, wife to one human man, and reluctantly cohabitates with one talkative cat (she won’t claim to be his owner in case he reads this bio).


Email: hello@rainawillick.com