Ramon Estrada

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Meet Ramon Estrada: a creative and passionate Founder CEO Coach with a knack for unlocking the full potential of business leaders across a whopping 14 countries. He's all on the idea that digging deep into personal development is the secret weapon behind successful companies. You can catch him sharing thoughts on conscious capitalism and authentic leadership everywhere when he's not deep in coaching mode.

But Ramon isn't just talking. He's been there and done that, launching seven businesses of his own, with one snagging an award for its innovation and growth. He's got the academic chops, too – an MBA from IESE Business School and some time spent in executive programs at big-league places like Harvard Business School and Berkeley.

In the coaching world, Ramon isn't just a player; he's a game-changer. He's got certifications from Newfield Network, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, the HeartMath Institute, and IAGC, and he loves mixing techniques like HeartMath, NLP, Trance, and Hypnosis to shake things up and get results.

Around the professional coaching community, Ramon's that friendly face, often leading chats at the Institute of Coaching's monthly Roundtables for the EMEA region. As a Fellow of the RSA, he's about nurturing fresh thinking and forging change to shape a sturdier future.

Originally from the lively Mexico City, Ramon now enjoys life's adventures in Barcelona with his family. If you're looking for a blend of lived experience, generativity, and solid, science-backed coaching, Ramon Estrada is your go-to guy.

For more information, please visit his website, and LinkedIn profile or connect with him on other social media platforms with the handle @ramonestradat