Rashmi Dixit

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Rashmi is a transformational PCC coach and a mentor for ICF certified coaches. She has worked in sub-committees in ACTO to develop and design new curriculum with social consciousness and systemic lens. She was on the Social Justice committee for ICF Global, where she helped design coaching competencies with anti-oppression lens. She also currently serves on the board of ICF-Oregon as VP Coach Education. 

Rashmi is an Asian-Indian, cis-gendered, heterosexual woman who uses she/her/hers as pronouns. She was born in a beautiful mud house with hay roof in rural India. Her first memories are of running amok golden fields and sleeping under open starlit skies. She received her schooling and Master’s degree in Mumbai and is currently based in Portland, Oregon. She has had the privilege to travel across the world and learn from stories and experiences of people whom she met. In past 20 years of her coaching and consulting career Rashmi has worked with several non-profit and for-profit organisations to discuss, debate and design some of the most detailed strategies to bring about cultural shifts and coaching culture for leaders.

Rashmi’s coaching, teaching and mentoring styles are very much influenced by Buddhist and Vedanta philosophies of universal inter-connectedness and understanding of privilege, marginalization and power. She brings with her an anti-oppression and non-violence lens to create spaces of equity and justice.

A practitioner of playback theatre for social change, Rashmi brings playback theatre practice to support her participants to tune into the space of unknown and lean into an intuitive interconnected space of learning and growth.

Rashmi is a mother of two teenagers and enjoy arts, documentaries, running and gardening.