Rosie Stocks

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I began my working life as an Occupational Therapist and became particularly drawn to working with psychological concerns. These interests led to work in Health Service Child and Family settings which included ongoing training and qualifying as a Play Therapist.

I built on this experience and continuing study in other areas, including care of and shared living with vulnerable adults and Early Childhood education where I offered therapeutic and practical support for families of very young children and professional childcare.

I am currently engaged in the exploration of the effects of early life experiences across the lifecourse and have become absorbed with the potential impact these events may have on the lives of women reaching midlife and beyond.

Throughout my career, I have had an interest in leadership, and I have often played a leadership role in the professional work that I have been doing. In recent years, I have combined my deepening understanding of human development across the lifecourse and continued exploration of  healthy leadership by working with an attachment-informed leadership coach.

My own coaching practice combines my past involvement in health and wellbeing with my long-standing interest in leadership, and applies this to helping late career women to develop their role within their close and extended communities, by accompanying them in the discovery, understanding and application of what helps a maturing woman to live her life with health and authenticity.