Sandro da Silva

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Sandro works with organizational members, from entry-level to managers and executives, to develop their skills and improve their performance in their current jobs, to prepare and strengthen them for future positions and to allow them to reflect on their own role when candid feedback, a different perspective and insight may lack. 

At the moment, he operates as an independent coach, consultant and facilitator. He is also faculty at  the Executive Education Department of the Rotterdam School of Management, contributing as a coach, facilitator and program designer in several customized leadership development programs for a wide range of organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. He also works with other leading talent development firms in the UK, Scandinavia, Brazil and the US, namely DDI, TPC, Mannaz, The NHS London Leadership Academy, Mackie Consulting and That People Thing.

Always in close partnership with his clients, he offers tailor-made individual and team programs focused on leadership development, performance improvement, high performance maintenance, career development and (re-)orientation. He also offers programs at a more personal development level in the areas of meaning, alignment and fulfillment  in life and at work. 

At a more organizational level, Sandro is as a trusted consultant and thinking partner in the development of a comprehensive coaching plan that goes beyond skills training and truly enables the organization to increase employee performance, engagement and retention, and also addresses both current and future needs.