Sara Packard

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Sara Packard is a writer, a movement and stillness teacher and advocate for radical self love. She is the creator of eMOTION - Online movement classes for emotional well-being and facilitator of The Meditation Circle, a group that meets twice a week to explore the art and practice of stillness. Her movement classes offer a safe space for people to come and freely move their bodies and feel however they feel without placing any emphasis on how it will make them look. She also works with women and female identifiers one on one to support them in the messy, gritty and beautiful work that is learning to love themselves.  Sara believes that one of the most radical things you can do in this life is to love yourself fully so that we may unburden our children and the generations that follow with the weight of patriarchal, misogynistic and oppressive mindsets.  Her biggest motivation and inspiration for doing this work is her five year old daughter, Audrey.