Shruti Swaroop

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With almost two decades of international Human Resources management experience across US, UK and India, Shruti Swaroop brings a global perspective to various aspects of HR, including change management, cultural sensitisation and organisational transformation. She is especially focussed on Diversity & Inclusion, having worked in the field for almost a decade.

As a certified coach, she has worked closely with various CEOs, HR heads, women professionals and mid-level executives. She has also mentored a significant number of women entrepreneurs and start-up owners through her association with the SSE, India (a PWC initiative), NEN, India and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK.

She works closely with the senior management and Board of Directors in areas of strategic, operational HR, organisational development interventions besides cross-cultural integration and management.

Shruti’s interventions range from speaking opportunities to learning workshops and consulting work, covering topics such as Inclusive Work Environment and Leadership, Diversity Awareness, Gender Sensitisation, Conflict Resolution and other behavioural aspects of the corporate world. She has also created a model – EMBRACE® to measure inclusion, create an Inclusive environment and develop Inclusive leaders within organisations.