Silke Cramer

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Silke, a distinguished executive and team coach, holds prestigious credentials including PCC ICF and SP EMCC, and brings over 25 years in strategy consulting, leadership coaching, and facilitation. 

Her expertise lies in amplifying engagement, performance, and well-being, anchored in her ability to create nurturing environments where individuals thrive by leveraging their innate strengths and are motivated to excel. 

Vital to Silke's practice is her dedication to fostering healthy organizational cultures and fortifying resilience, mental fitness, and energy management. This is particularly crucial as she often assists clients navigating the challenges of exhaustion and its adverse impacts on their leadership roles and personal lives.

Silke's approach to coaching is co-creative, emphasizing strengths and solutions (as a certified solution-focused Mastercoach), and is profoundly shaped by her systemic background, notably in systemic organizational development under the tutelage of Professor Fritz B. Simon at Simon Weber Friends.

Educated in economics and philosophy, Silke brings a comprehensive, multidimensional perspective to her practice. She is a certified coach, consultant, and trainer in positive psychology and co-initiator of the "Systemic Positive Psychology Coach" program, accredited by the German Association of Positive Psychology.

Her services include coaching leaders and their teams, facilitating strengths-based workshops and offsites, and supporting individuals and companies during transitional phases. Additionally, she is set to co-lead the team coaching program at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences/Berlin, further showcasing her commitment to developing coaching excellence.

Based in Berlin and Lisbon, she extends her profound expertise across Europe and Asia, delivering transformational impact wherever she engages.