Sophia Petrides

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Attracting the brightest and best new talent has always been a key differentiator between organizations, however, in today's disrupted employment market it is clear that retaining new talent is vital. All business leaders recognize high staff turnover - especially young professionals - is a major headache in terms of performance, company culture and costs.

My Talent Retention coaching program addresses the most commonly reported friction points that increase the turnover of young professionals within organizations.

A one of the few women with a 30-plus year successful career within corporate, financial, professional services and luxury brand consumer industries, I have built and maintained a varied skill-set from leading businesses and having a close partnership with C-suite, to restructuring diverse teams.

I am an avid traveller, and I am fascinated by visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. I love cooking, scuba diving, reading, movies and never miss a personal development opportunity.