Sri Kotturu

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Sri is the Founder of STALTU coaching services.
After building a successful career in IT as a programmer, developer, analyst, IT Application Architect, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Facilitator she transitioned to IT Agile Coaching. Her experience in managing projects and relationships with various international IT clients across the world in different capacities helped her understand coaching from a different perspective.

Sri discovered that coaching is a way to address a very fundamental human need- it`s about empowering oneself!

In Sri`s words coaching is about 3 things-
a. Looking at the world and personal events from different vantage points- (be it physical, material, emotional, spiritual) and developing oneself to become more resilient.
b. Acessing one`s own true dreams-a purpose of life; and making those dreams come true-a journey with FUN!
c Becoming an authentic person....Drawing an analogy, different cells in our human body have different functions even though all the cells are essentially cells. So as humans, just like cells in our human body that continually share and exchange information it`s about sharing and expressing one`s own self in a unique, authentic way with others around us. This act of sharing and growing is empowering! while moving from becoming to being...who you are!

It`s my endeavor here to rediscover myself in my interactions with you and hopefully help you rediscover yourself in your interactions with me!