Stjepan Oreskovic

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Stjepan Oreskovic works at the confluence of entrepreneurship and science.

He advocates for the importance of collaborative work in fostering sustainable business growth.

Stjepan founded publicly traded BosQar Invest ("BOSQR")  and spearheaded its growth, working together with his wife and children on this Oreskovic family project to grow from a small team to over 14,700 employees, boosting revenue from $5 million to over $500 million in less than five years.

BosQar Invest acquired 57 companies in just five years while creating four business verticals in 18 countries: Business Process and Technology Outsourcing (BPTO), HR, E-commerce, and Food.

Frost & Sullivan acknowledged the company for excellence and innovation with the 2022 European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award, highlighting its leadership in promoting SDG/ESG sustainability objectives.

His ethical business practices earned him the prestigious Nikola Tesla Genius for the Future Award in 2023, presented by Transparency International.

His influence also extends to academia and advisory roles. He is the President of the Supervisory Board at the IEDC Bled School of Management and a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Stjepan engages in interdisciplinary projects that advance scientific and educational initiatives at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine.

As the principal investigator of the Global GRAND Project, in collaboration with teams from Harvard Medical School, Zagreb, and Ljubljana School of Medicine, he was leading research efforts involving over 70 research teams in multiple countries. His role as Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for HIV Strategic Information has been crucial in improving global HIV response strategies, impacting 2,600 professionals across 111 countries.

Stjepan has published 156 peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals, significantly contributing to healthcare intervention and research in tobacco control, obesity prevention, and digital addictions. His work has received academic accolades and shaped public opinion and policy, with his insights featured in top-tier media outlets and utilized by international organizations like the World Bank, the EU Commission, and WHO.


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