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Sue Twit is President of High Road Coaching & Consulting.  Sue launched High Road in 2012 after a successful career with a global consulting firm.  Sue’s independent practice is focused on her passion –      coaching leaders and the teams surrounding the leader to productive and fulfilling success

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Prior to launching High Road Coaching & Consulting, Sue was employed for 17 ½ years by Right Management.  While with Right, Sue coached and consulted in national and international companies from diverse industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, technology, agriculture, academia, utilities and entertainment. 

Sue has coached top leaders – CEO, CFO, CIO, Chief Nursing Officer, Medical Director - and emerging top talent.  She has worked with leaders’ teams, assessing and coaching for development.

  • Sue is certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Coached a physician from a purely clinical role to succeed as a leader in an administrative role when promoted to Medical Director
  • Coached a physician to success in a leadership position as Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Designed and delivered an assessment and development process for a director level within a healthcare organization that included assessment and competency development.  Design included individual coaching, small group cross-functional cohorts and a whole group component
  • Coached a newly appointed CEO of a regional rural hospital during his first nine months as CEO; also assessed and coached the CEO’s Executive Team; both the CEO and team met goals for coaching 
  • Coached the leader of Provider Relations for a healthcare insurance company to improved execution of strategy; achieved department and company goals
  • Coached six healthcare VPs and co-led yearlong team assessment and development process when several new members joined top leadership team
  • Coached a nurse Emergency Department leader to improve delegation skills and increase engagement in department; leaders and direct reports developed and higher engagement scores were achieved
  • Coached the Executive Director of a non-profit provider of assistance to children and families to achieve improved relationships with staff and board of directors
  • Conducted focus groups and interviews to explore low engagement scores in a hospital emergency department; co-facilitated large group (physicians and nurses) process that improved working relationships among staff members
  • Coached a Chief Nursing Officer as she successfully assimilated into a new organization 


Additional Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

After working as a Registered Nurse, and prior to her career with Right Management, Sue ran her own consulting firm; developing, marketing and presenting wellness and management topics in a variety of venues from workshops to conference keynotes.  Before forming her own company, Sue held a leadership position in a nutrition and fitness information company.


Sue’s original career was as a Registered Nurse.  She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Masters in Management from Bellevue University.  

Coaching Value Proposition

My mission is to assist my clients and their teams in achieving maximum professional and personal success and satisfaction as they contribute to the success of their organization.

I believe skills in listening, questioning, challenging and delivering hard messages with compassion are as important to a successful coach as an understanding of sound business strategy, organizational dynamics and performance management. 

For those who want to lead, Leadership Coaching facilitates accelerated growth.  Based on data from assessments and interviews, strengths to leverage and liabilities to manage are identified.  Depending on competencies most needed in current and future roles, development plans are created and monitored.  Change is supported and measured so the individual (and teams) can quantify success.

Two things I say to all my clients are:

  • Start all relationships assuming good intentions
  • Professionally and personally, you will never regret taking the HIGH ROAD